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    What's The Longest You've Gone Between Buying A Gun And Shooting It?

    I thought this might generate some interesting responses. What is the longest you've taken between buying/taking possession of and actually shooting a new gun? I'm not talking about an obvious wall-hanger or something sooo fragile or rare you'd never shoot it ever. I'm referring to a functional, serviceable gun, new or used, that you bought intending to shoot, put away, and didn't get around to shooting for a long time. "I put it in the safe, forgot it was there," or "I snuck it in, waiting for the right time to tell my wife," or whatever.

    To start off, mine isn't very dramatic or comical. I bought an 1896 Krag-Jorgensen in .30-40 Krag in Feb-2014 in California. As you know, the PRK (Peoples Republik of Kalifornia) has a wait period on everything and I didn't have a C&R to bypass that. During the wait my employer announced it was closing our SoCal office and I ended up taking their relocation offer to Ohio. So for the next several months I was in moving-prep mode, packing, looking for a place to live in the new city, and all that. My uncle in Indiana stored my guns for me until I bought a new safe but I was so occupied with the aftermath of the move and the new work location that I never took the Krag out to shoot. December 2014 I drove to Las Vegas to visit family and took the Krag along with me. My nephew and I went up to Clark County Shooting Park (excellent range, highly recommended) and I finally shot the Krag. It functioned beautifully and we had a blast with it. So it was about ten months between the purchase of the Krag and the first shooting of it.

    Anyone else?
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    My dad gave me a Henry golden boy in .22WMR for my birthday in 2014. I have yet to shoot it.
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    I have firearms that I purchased 30 years ago that I have yet to fire. I will get around to it someday.

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    I have a stainless Colt Gold Cup Trophy sitting in my safe unfired. I bought it possibly a day or two before Sandy Hook. As we all know, the guns and ammo dried up quickly after that tragedy. A couple of guys I know were aware that I had that in my safe, and each one offered me considerably more than I paid for it. I never bothered firing it in case I wanted to sell it for what one of them offered. After a few years, I moved on to other guns and never bothered to dig it out. Perhaps one day.

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    Three days. Most all are shot within three hours of purchase.
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    Texas Longhorn Arms Improved Number 5 - received about 1988. Unfired.

    Usually it maxes out at about 48 hours from purchase to first shot...

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    Right now there are 9 here at the house that I have not shot yet, all of them from last year or later.
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    I bought a Canik S-120 in chrome, had it for six or seven months, sold it. Never fired.
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    There's a sweet gp100 in the safe from a few years ago. It just teases me....
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    bout a year

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