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    Quote Originally Posted by lilop
    STOLEN GLOCK 19!!! My Glock 19 was stolen in Richmond, IN on 26DEC09. I won't go into detail, but I have filed a police report and wanted to alert the forum members. Serial # is MEY150.
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    Reported by nawainwright

    Quote Originally Posted by nawainwright View Post
    Not sure if anyone here can help much, guy is my wife's kickboxing instructor and he didn't want to provide serial numbers. Police were no help. Maybe if you see somebody trying to pedal a bunch of this stuff in one place....idk, but I told her I'd put it up. His contact is: Eddie Brochin - captained (at) ultimateoutdoorstv (dot) com


    1. 22.Cal Ruger carbine with free floated bull barrel 10X Whitetail 2 Scope, bi-pod and sling =$800
    2. single shot Stevens with Bushnell scope =$250
    3. New England single shot varmint rifle with leather sling Bull Barrel, 16X40 BSA with Shade lens, Harris bi-pod, side cocking mechanism on the hammer = $1,100
    4. Russian made over and under 20 gauge with brass trigger =$440
    5. Savage side by side 12 gauge with dual trigger, Ivory bead in rear sight and metal bead at front sight = $400
    6. 12 gauge long barrel pump = 300


    1. Fred Bear Takedown Classic - (no longer in production) Re-Curve, jet black glossy limbs and black green and brown riser, attached leather quiver with custom wood arrows and broadheads = $1,800
    2. New Version A-handle Fred Bear Takedown Re-curve with attached leather quiver, 5 custom wood arrows and 2 blade broadheads, Black satin limbs, light brown stock with black and white interlays, embedded compass on the riser and gold bear archery seal. $1,500

    Fishing Rods

    1. 5 Custom Grandt Rods - 9 foot noodle style with Abu-Garcia ultra light spinning reels =$1,500
    2. 6 medium action 7.5 foot Grandt Rods with Abu Garcia medium action spinning reels =$1,800
    3. 4 heavy action 7.5 foot Grandt Rods with Abu-Garcia heavy action spinning reels =$2,000
    4. 2 custom medium action rods with medium action Okuma reels =$700
    5. 1 Custom medium action rod with medium action Mitchell spinning reel =$280
    6. 4 ultra light Abu-Garcia spinning reels =$225
    7. 4 medium action Abu Garcia spinning reels =$300


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    Quote Originally Posted by pathfinder317
    I have a stolen handgun I would appreciate if you could post as a heads up.

    Glock 23
    serial # KLF 118

    Stolen out of my car on 10-04-08

    Report taken by IMPD North East Division

    Cad # I082773311
    Case # DP08158411

    Any information can be passed along to the detective division at 317-327-6235 ext 6235

    anyone with information that leads to an arrest and recovery of my weapon will recieve a $250 cash reward , I can be contacted on this site only.


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    Reported by philec39

    Quote Originally Posted by philec39
    Please post the following firearm theft: A small Johnson digital safe, containing a Taurus PT 940 Serial No SCR69932, and a Hi-Point JCP Serial No X728413. Both are 40 Cal. There was also several boxes of 40 Ca. ammo in the safe. I hadn't figured out just how to fasten the safe to a concrete floor, or it would still be here. The theft occurred sometime between 5:3 AM and 10:00 PM yesterday, 3/15/10, and was reported to the Frankfort, IN police.
    info phone the police at 765-654-4431, or me at 765-659-3499 (home) or 765-650-0187 (cell). Email is Thanks for any help.


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    Reported by briand212


    Quote Originally Posted by briand212
    My house was broken into and the SOB's got into my gun safe. the following firearms were stolen
    I live at heritage lake , Putnam county

    Bushmaster X-DCM
    S/N: L195956
    This is the model that has Lead weights in it for competition shooting. the rear site has a plastic cover over it. gun was mint

    Browning Buckmark
    stainless with fiber optic front site.
    the gun was in the original plastic case

    Mark 7 series 80
    45 acp.
    has a wilson combat trigger in stainless
    the rear sight is messed up and moves from side to side
    pistol is the shiney blue with some wear from carrying

    Single six 22LR revolver. blue
    was in a softside case that has a label that read
    Brian Dickerson .. rockville address. ( the address was the place I lived when I got the gun 24 years ago.

    A zip loc bag that contained
    a unfinished Caspian 45 acp full size frame
    a complete Colt upper parkarized finish and custom wilson combat barrel, bushing and full length guide rod
    and some small parts but not enough to finish a gun

    2 rubbermaid containers full of 22 , 223, 12 guage ammo

    If you come across any information Please contact
    the Putnam county Sheriffs department
    Case # 10-04-1807
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    Stolen Gun Help

    Posted at the request of the Detective. I know several of the serial numbers are not given, it is probably because the owner could not provide them at the time of the report. Any info you could give him would be helpful. Thanks:

    I am looking for the following hand crafted guns taken in a residential burglary DP100071093 on 5/19/10:

    .22 Western Auto (hand carved wheat pattern in stock)
    .22 Winchester (hand carved wheat pattern in stock)

    .357 magnum revolver w/polished steel finish (hand carved wheat pattern in stock)
    9mm Ruger semi-auto, serial #30732953, stainless steel finish

    20 ga Mossberg pump, model #500 (hand carved wheat pattern in stock) (“CB” carved in stock also)
    12 ga Sevens Savage, double barrel (hand carved wheat pattern in stock) (“CB” carved in stock also)
    12 ga Remington Mohawk (hand carved wheat pattern in stock)
    12 ga JC Higgins bolt action (hand carved wheat pattern in stock)

    Kevin Kern (A18)
    Detective - North District
    Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department
    Department of Public Safety
    3120 E 30th St
    Indianapolis, IN 46218
    (317) 327-6151
    (317) 327-6131 fax

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    Reported by inFALable

    Quote Originally Posted by inFALable
    One of my Glock 27's was stolen last night. The police are already involved.

    Glock 27
    Serial no. FCU 248

    Its a standard Glock 27 but has yellow rear night sights instead of green. 6 mags were stolen as well. It happened in the Bravo parking lot in Castleton.

    I can be contacted at FNFAL1911 at


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    Reported by lovemachine46147

    Quote Originally Posted by lovemachine46147
    Hey, my uncle's house was broken into yesterday morning. I'm not sure if theres anymore info I should get from him, but here ya go!
    Among the items stolen was:

    S&W 357 Magnum
    Model# 686
    Serial# AJZ6634
    Stainless Steel. Dark Brown Wooden Target Grips.
    Target Sights. Target Hammer. Target Trigger.

    If found, PM me, or email me at
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    Reported by SteveG66

    I had a Les Baer Commander stolen from me, the weekend of July 10th 2010, most likely Plainfield, IN. Serial Number LB4375. It was hardchromed with factory Cocobolo grips.

    I believe it was stolen in the evening of Saturday July 10 or perhaps on during the day as I was out running errands. It was removed from my vehicle.

    It was in a MS Summer Special holster when I had it last.

    A police report has been made with the Plainfield Police Department, Case #PP10-1592

    If you come across -this piece, please contact the -Plainfield Police at 317-838-3565.


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    Reported by qonorio

    I had a firearm stolen from my apartment on 12/27/10. The firearm was a Ruger SR9c Serial Number is 332-35865. IMPD was called and they are looking into it. Case # is 10186389. I am still waiting to hear from the det. Thank you for your time.


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