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    Official Firearm Theft Report Thread (PM a Mod to report)

    Due to popular demand, we've created this thread to allow you to make a public announcement if you have had a firearm stolen and wish to alert your fellow INGO members. This will allow us to keep all reports in one place.

    Reports in this thread will not be checked for accuracy or completeness and should not be construed to have any legal bearing on the status or circumstances surrounding the firearm or the person reporting it stolen. It's merely a "heads-up" so that our thousands of INGO members can keep an eye out.

    If you've had a firearm stolen and wish to put out the "INGO APB" on it, please PM the relevant information to a mod and it will be added to this thread. Pictures will be helpful, if you have them, as well as a complete description and serial number. You should also include contact information (case # and agency, name/number of detective assigned, or your own contact info). Also, please PM any new information (such as a successful recovery) to a mod so that the report can be updated (or, hopefully, closed!).

    It goes without saying that the theft should also be reported to your local law enforcement agency.
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    Reported by Hoosier Gun Coat

    Stolen early October '08

    Sig Sauer P6 s/n: M5171** (2 tone silver/gray) **RECOVERED**

    Colt Mustang S/N: MU167** (blue)

    Kimber Pro Carry II S/N: KR530** (stainless)

    M1 Garrand S/N: 31272**

    Colt H-Bar Accurized AR-15 S/N: BK0085** ( had a leupold scope and target pistol grip.)

    $500.00 CASH reward for the recovery of the firearms and/or the capture and prosecution of the individuals responsible. Any information can be forward to Det. Gary Johnson of the Monroe Co. Sheriffs's dept (812) 349-2762 or the ATF (888)930-9275.
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    Reported by member capshot

    Stolen July 25th, 2009

    Springfield XDm, black, in .40S&W, Serial: MG120724
    3 magazines
    Small gun safe

    (stock photo, NOT actual firearm)

    Number to contact: 317-523-7622, or send PM to capshot

    If found, a reward will be provided.

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    Reported by DJDan

    Would you please add my gun to this thread. I don't have a pic of the firearm but this is a fairly detailed description including SN.

    Thank you,


    It's a Kel-Tec PF-9 with Silver slide and black lower. It also had a Hogue style grip on it that was trimmed to fit. It's serial number is R7J48. It was in a fitted Don Hume reddish brown leather holster.
    It was stolen from my vehicle on July 14 2009 early in the morning.
    317 508 3506


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    REPORTED BY redbarontoys

    My name is Shawn McCammon. My home was broken into on Wednesday August 05 2009. Several firearms stolen. I am offering $1000 reward for a conviction.
    Vigo County Sheriff Case Number 09-1825
    Deputy James Palmer investigating.
    My phone is 812-877-2354 ext 2, days and 812-877-4262 evenings and weekends.

    • Stevenís 311A 16 gauge double barrel shotgun #306764839 under the forearm.
    • Mossberg 835 Custom 12 gauge magnum tactical shotgun #UM29923.
    • Aero Precision AR15 Multi-Cal lower #US21485.
    • Llama Mini Max 45 ACP pistol 71-04-01319-04.
    • Haskell JS-45 45 ACP pistol Unknown number but it has a broken mag release.
    • Jennings J22 Unknown number with missing mag.
    • FIE Titan Unknown number lots of surface rust.
    • Davis 32 derringer Unknown number missing safety detent.

    Other item taken include a gold 2.50 coin, several silver dollars, a gold ring, a gold locket, and a Canon Power Shot A470 Digital Camera #6726380139


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    Reported by rookie

    Quote Originally Posted by Rookie
    A friend of mine had his guns stolen over the weekend. They took the whole safe...

    Marlin 30/30 lever action
    Marlin 44 mag lever action
    Stevens Model 200 .300 win. mag with BSA scope, sims barrel deresignator and sims slip-on recoil pad.
    Ruger 10/22 with scope
    Thompson Center Omega .50 cal muzzleloader with Pineridge scope and thumbhole stock.
    SKS with scope and bayonet
    New England .410 single shot
    H.E. Pieper .22 with octagon barrel - missing stock.

    He is trying to get the serial numbers from the gunshops


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    REPORTED by tecknickle

    Taurus Model 85s
    -.38spl 5-shot revolver
    -Hogue grips
    SN: MG493**
    (loaded with Winchester JHP)
    Stolen from home in Elkhart, Indiana
    case # 09006408
    Just reported it yesterday evening, so no detective yet.

    Actual photo when I installed grips:

    Mod note: Yes, I know the serial number on the pic is different. tecnickle was reading the SN off the box rather than from his paperwork.
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    Reported by JimFloyd

    Quote Originally Posted by JimFloyd
    A good friend just notified me that his vehicle was broken into at Castleton Square late Monday evening and two handguns were stolen:

    Glock 22 gen 3 (serial # FHC774)
    Glock 27 (serial # MFF618 )

    If anyone offers these firearms for sale to you, please contact me.

    Thank you!



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    FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) - Police are looking for suspects in the burglary of an Allen County Sheriff's officer's home.
    The officer returned to his home on the 1100 block of South Anthony Extended around 6:30 p.m. Sunday to find several items missing.
    Missing was his police gun belt, a department issued Sig Sauer P220 .45 caliber handgun, a Walther PPK .380 caliber handgun and a police radio.
    A witness saw a black car parked in the driveway between 9:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. Sunday.
    A man and a woman were seen leaving the car and walking down South Anthony Extended.
    Police are asking anyone with information to call Crimestoppers anonymously at 426-STOP.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Fort Liberty View Post
    Early this morning, Fort Liberty in Avon was robbed. Fortunately, we are only missing a few guns. Due to the on-going investigation, I can't release the serial numbers, however, I can list the gun types.

    1. Mossberg 500 persuader, 12 gauge, black, 18.5 inch bbl.
    2. Maverick 88 by Mossberg, 12 gauge, black
    3. Remington 887 Nitro, 12 gauge, black
    4. CVA Mountain rifle, .32 caliber-(probably a spur of the moment thing for the thug who likes to get in the woods every now and then)

    As you can see, they did a pitiful job getting anything of great value. No high power rifles or handguns were accessible. Sorry I can't give bad guy descriptions yet.

    If everyone could keep their eyes and ears open while at the local gun stores or even pawn shops for seedy looking characters trying to sell new but potentially damaged guns, I would really appreciate it.

    The shop is obviously closed for repairs today but we are here working so if anyone needs us, call 272-1600.

    Thank you all for you support,


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