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Thread: 1911 Grips

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    My vote goes to LOK Grips. Same high quality as the VZ's but at a very reasonable price.
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    The last grips I put on my 1911 I bought plain unfinished grips from a booth at the 1500 then took them home and stained them myself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spike Jones 5 2002 View Post
    I stopped by a booth at the Crown point G S. A fellow make custom grips.
    I did a lot of molding to custom the grip to my liking.
    He made them for $100.
    The first set he botched a bit.
    They were a bit short.
    I told him I did not like them.
    He made the next pair exactly how I designed.
    Now I love how my 1911 feels and shoots.

    Sorry I can not tell you his name. I lost his card.
    He is "always" along the wall. I think after the first right hall from the entrance.
    He has a big display or only 1911 grips.
    That's my friend and fellow INGO member, walt o
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    I have a set of VZ's on the full sized, a set of Alumagrips on my Officer's Model ACP.
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    The next time you see Walt. Tell him for me. My 1911 fits perfect.
    My grouping is great.
    Tell him that I am the one he drove to Michigan City and met him at Kempf.
    I live just down the street.
    Well I would just say, best $100. I spent.

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