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Thread: 1911 Grips

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    1911 Grips

    Looking to swap out a set. Did some research and it appears that Altamont makes grips for the SR 1911 which I really like. So I am thinking of ordering a set from them. Anyone ever order from them?

    Also what's your favorite grip maker?

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    VZ grips for me

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    Best looking = Standard double diamond G.I style.

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    Grips are a personal item they have to please you . I will always tell customers to bring the gun with them and we will try on grips until 1 strikes your fancy,then we are both happy. As i have said before it is like me picking out a wife for you ,i don't have to live with it but you do
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    Hogue's/VZ's and custom pieces.

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    I have ordered several times from Altamont. Great company.

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    Never had Altamont's, but I have VZ's on 3 of my 1911's. Excellent feel in the hand and hold up very well under daily use.
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    Altamont makes excellent grips. First rate company. Bought rosewood grips for a GP100 and a Blackhawk. Extremely well made. Ensure you're getting what's made for your specific handgun. If it takes standard 1911 grips, they should fit. If my 1911 didn't already have rosewood checkered grips on it I'd be getting a set for it from Altamont.

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    I stopped by a booth at the Crown point G S. A fellow make custom grips.
    I did a lot of molding to custom the grip to my liking.
    He made them for $100.
    The first set he botched a bit.
    They were a bit short.
    I told him I did not like them.
    He made the next pair exactly how I designed.
    Now I love how my 1911 feels and shoots.

    Sorry I can not tell you his name. I lost his card.
    He is "always" along the wall. I think after the first right hall from the entrance.
    He has a big display or only 1911 grips.

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    I have VZs on a couple of my 1911s and Hogues on a couple. I also have some custom wood on a couple. There is a whole section dedicated to custom grips over at There are some really exotic stuff they have made grips from.

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