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    Remington Prepares for Bankruptcy

    What a shocker. Cerebus sucked them dry, I just hope someone can reanimate the body.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirk Freeman View Post
    What a shocker. Cerebus sucked them dry, I just hope someone can reanimate the body.
    Business in the 2000's. Standard crap. Buy a well know name, run it dry and leave the shell.
    Pretty sad. No regard for the people that built it and spent a life time working there.

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    Just like sears!

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    I just bought a couple of the Remlin lever actions late last year and came up with two keepers.
    I got an 1895 in .45-70 and a 336 in .35 Remington.
    Neither have any of the "issues" reported after the takeover from Marlin.
    I guess I got lucky.

    I really hope someone can/will revive the company.
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    Yeah. I understand the business side, but I can't help the feeling that this just sucks.

    (And hoping my 783 continues to be one of the good ones.)
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    Shocked face

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    I loved my Remington R1S. They can build nice weapons and this sucks. Kind of reminds me of the airline industry in the 1980s. Airlines would be bought and then canibalized for profit leaving thousands without a job so a handful of already rich pricks could become richer pricks.

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    Make a product cheaper to keep up with the lower end does not always make for a better long term in company profits. I submit for your viewing pleasure a pre three headed dog marlin box and a post three headed dog marlin box. The post one was purchased just for the box I sold the gun and paid 20 for the box itself.

    This in a nutshell is what is wrong with the three headed dog. No QC dumbing, down a quality product to meet a price point, and to much reliance on the company name to make sales from the past quality of the product.

    Look at winchester. They sold the name to anyone for flashlights, cheap knives, flannel shirts ect. They cheapen the guns to meet a price point. They failed. Now look at browning. They make sure products with their name have quality down to the shirts. The product quality remained high and they are under no pressure to meet a price point by sacrificing quality. Look at a 1980ís 870 wingmaster and a 2015 wingmaster. Look at a 1908ís SA 22 and a 2015 SA 22.

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    Freedom group, sucks balls. I hope someone who cares buys Remington and returns it to glory
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    Looks like they were mismanaged as badly as some debt happy family finances. Time are bad - let's charge up the cards and get a home equity loan! Times are bad - oops, I'm sorry, can you bail me out?

    I was talking to a cousin a few years ago and he asked me if I ever thought I'd be a million dollars in debt like everyone sitting there debt = 0.

    Too bad about Remington...but it looks intentional. I'm sure someone got a new house and yacht out of it.
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