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    Gunshop robbed north of South Bend

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    Your link goes to an auto crash news article.

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    Yup. They robbed the store and crashed. Guns recovered on scene.

    And 3 of the 4 robbers will never rob again.

    Just another feel good story. Sorry.

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    Dead are three young men: Jamahri Jayshaun Fuller, 22, who was driving; Davion Marquez Patton, 17; and Allan Trevon-Velox, 17, according to police. All were Benton Harbor residents.
    A fourth male in the vehicle, Anton Duran Morgan, 17, of Benton Harbor, was listed in critical condition Sunday night at Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids, according to police.
    That is unfortunate...
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    This was all in Michigan. The gun store that was robbed was in Stevensville, MI. A 22 year old and 2 17 year old's were killed in the crash. A 3rd 17 y.o. is in the hospital. All 8 guns stolen were recovered.

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    I'm sure they were just turning their lives around. Wouldn't have died if the cops hadn't have chased them....

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    If only there was a law about speeding.
    Or another law about running from the cops.
    Or another law about taking other people's stuff.

    Thread title says "north of South Bend".

    That'd be Michigan LOL.

    Tired of Indiana being blamed for Chicago's gun problem.
    Wonder if those guys were gonna run them round the pond?
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    Crashed the car, proly scratched the hell out of some mannlichers and falling blocks.

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    If we didn't have cars we wouldn't have to read about these senseless deaths.

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