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    Quote Originally Posted by mcapo View Post
    Is the leather forming lining up with the shape of gun in the trigger guard area? If you have a distance to go until it is "lined-up", you'll need to break it in, as detailed above. If it is lined up, then I'd contact the manufacture and express your concern.

    If the holster is not formed to the shape of the gun - you are just gonna have to work it in.
    correct the slide will not fully insert leaving a ways to go. The holster also pushes the slide back, when holstering. Not a big deal because of condition 1 carry, but I don't want to fight it to draw. The package specifically states non railed si g 1911

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    Other problem may be the front site grabbing leather. hold back of slide fwdbahen inserting.

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    I have two DGS holsters.

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