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    In an autoloader like an AR10 Id say .308. Ammo is much more abundant and cheaper.
    I agree, I have 22LR, 22Mag, 40S&W, 30-06 firearms, .243, 30-30, .308's (LR-308, Winchester lever) AR15's in 6.5 Grendel, and a couple in .556, plus 8mm Mauser, 6.5X55, 7.5 X 55, 7.62 X54R Russian, 7.39 X 39 (several). The .308 ammo is available in almost any configuration you could want and is certainly suitable for any large game in the lower 48, and most in Alaska. It is probably the most available in just about any store that sells ammo and can be bought quite cheap as military surplus, and reasonable priced for Deer, Elk and other dedicated rounds. It is also a great Boar round if you have adequate back stop.

    No one including me can really say you or I "need" another round or gun, but I enjoy collecting them!
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