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    Quote Originally Posted by AmmoManAaron View Post
    The estate has to make its way through probate, but once that is done, it is my understanding that the store will re-open at least for a while. No idea how long the probate process will take. There has been talk that if the store stays open long-term, that the main items that will be reordered will be reloading supplies, ammunition, and ammo cans since those items are harder to get locally/expensive to ship and there is an established customer base that depends on Traildust for those supplies. There is also a tremendous amount and variety of back-stock surplus items, far more than could put out on display, so even as the displayed inventory is sold off you can expect to see some different items come out for sale. It'll be worth stopping in every few weeks just to see what's new.
    I sure hope it works out. They're my go-to local powder source.

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    Damn, that's too bad... his shop was a favorite of mine to buy obscure obsolete ammo for my old milsurp rifles, and he seemed like a decent fellow. I was actually just there early last month (for the first time in years) to browse his stock, and saw him conversing with a few other patrons; must have been no more than a week or two before he passed. A bit surreal. Hope the shop can re-open in the long term.

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    I lived in Bloomington about 7 years ago I used to love that place... sad to here

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    Sorry to hear this, I haven't been down there for a few years, but I enjoyed going with my dad.

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