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    Brownells 5.56 Ammo Giveaway

    Brownells is running a giveaway for a barrel of 5.56 ammo this weekend.

    -13,889 rounds of Hornady 55-grain 5.56 M193 (value: $4,239.99)

    The contest runs Saturday 2/2 - Sunday 2/3 and the drawing will be on Monday 2/4.

    You can enter here.

    Disclaimer: I have no association with Brownell's other than as a customer and will not even be entering this contest as I do not use 5.56.
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    Nice. Thanks for the heads up

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    Thanks for the heads up.

    Last week I was traveling and drove right by their facility in Iowa. Damn near had to stop in the middle of I-80 to get a good picture!

    Fierce defiance

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    "You must spread some reputation around..."

    I use 5.56. THANK YOU!
    Dormant U.S.Marine/ NRA Benefactor-Life

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    Thank you and repped!
    Naphtali Lodge 389 Kokomo, IN

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    Thanks for the heads up. I'll get in on that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KokomoDave View Post
    Thank you and repped!

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    Entered, this would be enough ammo to last me a decade... yes, I need to shoot my rifles more.

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    Thanks. Brownells has really stepped up thier game with all the retro ARís. Still waiting for the a2ís to be considered retro.

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    Entered, thanks. Still not sure why I had to pick between a patriot and a ram, but 13k rounds is 13k rounds.
    Medium speed. Moderate drag.

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