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    Help with torque wrench?

    So I am trying to put on a new Griffin Armament taper mount to my 300 blackout and it says apply 35 foot pounds of torque. Well I do not have such fancy things so I just applied what I felt to be enough. My question is can someone recommend a tool that I can buy for this? I would prefer on Amazon but happy to shop anywhere. I saw something on Midway but did not get the best reviews but that is really the only thing I see that is close to what I am looking for.

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    You are probably going to need an open end torque wrench right?

    Get a crowfoot in the appropriate size and use a normal torque wrench.

    I am not a gunsmith. YMMV.

    35 ft/lbs is "snug but don't lean on it."
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    Drive on down to harbor freight and buy a torque wrench. Cheap and many uses. You'd be surprised at how many fasteners have torque specifications lol

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    A Harbor Freight torque wrench will do you just fine. You don't need a professional model for a once and a wile job. The thing about torque wrenches is to back the torque setting off all the way when done this way the wrench won't take a set.

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    Who needs a torque wrench? Just tighten it until the threads strip then back off a half turn.
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    Just got in from the garage and using my Harbor Fright ratchet wrench. Get it on sale and use a 20% coupon. Other wise just have 17.5 friends come over and......

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    Quote Originally Posted by KittySlayer View Post
    Who needs a torque wrench? Just tighten it until the threads strip then back off a half turn.
    Donít be a idiot, only back it off a quarter turn.
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    Lowes actually had a well received torque wrench, had a blue metal handle. They were in spec in the box and held year after year. Harbor freights can be spotty, but for torqueing barrel nuts on ar's they gud enuff. I've looked at the "gunsmithing" torque wrenches and most of the time they are low end Chinese manufactured rebrands. You will be just as well served with a harbor freight and without the hefty specialty smithing tool logo mark up. Same goes for a LOT of the specialty tool "kits" I see listed... Branding and packaging is expensive.

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    I've seen several harbor freight torque wrenches tested at work. Guys bring them in from home and put them on the machine at desired torque and click it. The digital read out tells us how close it is. Most are 5 foot pounds heavy, so if your clicking 20 foot pounds you'll get 25 foot pounds. The 1/4 inch drive was the closest to actual torque. Printcraft is right on with the crowsfoot sockets. I picked up a set at menards, crescent brand they work great on ar builds and for changing O2 sensors on jeeps.

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    May be able to borrow one from AutoZone.

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