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    Border patrol agent allegedly sells restricted weapons in California

    Border patrol agent Wei Xu is accused of selling restricted firearms in California. Apparently using his law enforcement credentials he purchased several pistols that were not on the California approved list for ordinary citizens, then turned around and sold them for profit without using an FFL. Of particular interest he also allegedly sold an auto sear and a short barreled rifle which I have to presume will account for the lions share of potential jail time.

    I would love the commentary of anybody with inside knowledge of the workings of California gun laws as the linked article was written by someone painfully ignorant of firearms and firearms law!

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    File under "prohibition doesn't work". There's always somebody dealing drugs, running guns, or running moonshine, and half the time it's the authorities who are cashing in.

    The dummies in the California legislature have thrown in the towel on drug prohibition and illegal immigration prohibition, but for some reason they still think gun prohibition works.

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    Not all heros wear capes.
    Medium speed. Moderate drag.

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    Is this one of those stories you hear about Japanese soldiers being found on deserted islands that didn't know the war was over? Maybe this guy used to work for Eric Holder.

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    Even an officer has to have a stamp for his personal SBR. In Indiana anyway. Then there's the state's not stepping on federal laws so I assume it's the same there.

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    Seriously? What was this idiot thinking? Hopefully the judge who will handle the case is not some libtard touchy-feely liberal who thinks this nut job can be rehabilitated. Not!
    If you always do what you've always done you will only get what you've always gotten.

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    Having escaped from CA six years ago I can say that article is not flawed. LEOs are exempt from the laws for the common man and are allowed to buy 'off roster' guns. They are allowed to later sell them at a later date, although there is no specific 'hold time' listed anywhere in the exemption.

    "I bought it, shot it and decided I didn't like it" is 'legal' for LEOs.

    There is also no limit to the number of off roster firearms they are allowed to buy or transfer. The are supposed to follow the laws when 'disposing' of these special guns. In CA all firearms must now be transferred through a 01FFL and are subject to the waiting period. The fact that he sold/transferred anything outside of a 01FFL is where the big issue really lies.

    Hope he hangs hard and long.
    Some idiots are too busy knowing it all to ever learn anything

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    More proof that they are among us, and watching the transactions on gun forums.

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    So LEOs can sell an off roster gun to a non LEO? I understand all sales in Cali have to be through an FFL.

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    He violated commiefornia laws which themselves violate the Constitution of the United States of America. Unfortunately two wrongs still don't make a right.

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