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    Hey guys, looking for some reviews on choke tubes for coyotes.I am going to buy a choke tube soon for yotes,was wondering if a xtra full choke tube shooting in lead will pattern good at about 40 yards, or maybe a turkey choke tube.I have seen prices on yote choke tubes going for 55 dollars.Was wondering if another choke tube would work equally as good ? I saw some choke tubes going for 100 bucks, yote aint worth THAT much LOL. What are you guys using for yotes ?

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    Just like turkey hunting I bet, "normal stuff" works well but limits yardage. Gotta pay to work that long distance game.

    Shells, choketubes........and finding what works best. ......$$$

    Extending your range costs money. Just the way it is.

    When you figure gas, time and missing work (or sleep)............choketubes/ammo cost is no big deal.

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    Using the Federal Flight control ammo might do more to extend range/ tighten patterns than a high end tube. Lotsa pattern tests out there on the inner webs

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    I picked up a carlson's and tungsten shot. No problems toppling over a old empty automotive freon tank at the 70yrds they claim its effectiveness. I was impressed. Expensive tube and figure those shells at about $3 per trigger pull. Probably higher now.

    I believe in using best equipment you can afford. Make best use of the special times spent outdoors. Sometimes a little cash needs to be spent.

    A shotgun is never my first choice. I hunted a public area and that's all that was allowed there. I started out using 4 shot 3" turkey loads and lost one with a direct hit. He ran off. Skinned others with bb's just under skin. Pelts are thick in winter.

    Don't want to spend the cash a quality buckshot load will do just know when you're pattern opens up and setup within that range.

    Post pics of your kills! Have fun!
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    I have used just a standard Remington full choke with #4 lead buckshot from a 2 3/4 shell out to 48 yards. It may have been a lucky shot but the coyote just dropped. I normally try to stay within 40 yrds if I am using a shotgun. I would go with larger shot than BB if your intended target is coyotes.

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    My experience with Turkey chokes (12ga.) using #4 or #5 is you want a choke that is restricted down to .675 or less.....this will give you a tight pattern at 35 to 40 yards, and the capability of 50 to 55 yards for Turkey. I'm not sure I would attempt at shot at a coyote with a shotgun past 40 yards....they are tough SOBs.
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    "Too much agreement kills a chat." ~Eldridge Cleaver

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    I shot several out West with a turkey choke and #4's. Just keep it under 40 yds.
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    I have a persimmon tree in my back yard that is 48 yards from the edge of my garage. I use a carelsons coyote choke tube with hornady 23/4 #4 buck shot. Iíve shot probably somewhere close to 10 coyotes over the past 3 years under that tree and dropped every single one. You wonít be disappointed with a good quality choke tube and shells. You get what you pay for. Buy once cry once

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    My Remington 870 with a smooth bore slug barrel will put 5 shots in a 6" circle at 50yds. with open sights. This is using cheap 2 3/4" Remington or Winchester slugs. What are these coyote choke tubes and buckshot you speak of?

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