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    New shooting range/conservation club NWI

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet... apparently there are groups trying to stop them from coming to northwest Indiana.

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    Sent for information.
    A bit far for me, but I've never been against a good road trip.
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    I liked the pic of the offroad course, a stock SUV driving down a steep asphalt path. They say Newton County, does anyone have a more exact location? They say 1 hour from 294 and 55. If you can get from there to anywhere in Newton county you have far less regard for the speed limit than I did in my 20's. Anyone guess what the cost? I figure about 200 a month for the most basic membership

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    I have no affiliation with them... but I did read $2,000 down and $1,000 a year. Newton county is just over an hour from Chicago, and it looks like it is at the northern portion of newton county.

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    To rich for my blood. Be a founding member looks to be 1k plus 1k initiation fee. More expensive if you join after that

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    I am up north, but at those prices I will stick with shooting at the Winamac FWA for free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winamac View Post
    I am up north, but at those prices I will stick with shooting at the Winamac FWA for free.
    And I will stay in my backyard 😂 but seems to have more to offer than just a shooting range.

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    Looks interesting to me. If it turns out as advertised, I think it would be worth it, and not too far for me.

    i am signing up for info.
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    I was born and raised in Roselawn in Newton county. Access is fairly easy as I-65 exits at state road 10 in the county.

    However the dues certainly are beyond my limits ~ General Membership is shown at $1200 initiation fee with yearly fees of $1500! At those prices I think it is trying to obtain membership from fairly wealthy people in the Chicago area (it is about a 45 min drive from Chicago to the county but don't know what part of the county the range is to be situated).

    The only way I would use the range is if it had a 300 to 1000 yd range for 50BMG with a daily fee of less than $100.
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    I agree the membership is pretty steep but it will keep the place nicer in the long run. Keep out the riffraff

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