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    Muncie Gun and Knife Show February 16th & 17th 2019

    Muncie Gun and Knife Show
    Feb. 16th 9 A.M.-5 P.M.
    Feb. 17th 9 A.M.-3 P.M.
    Delaware County Fairgrounds
    1210 N. Wheeling Ave.
    Free parking
    $5.00 admission
    Children under 12 admitted free with paid adult

    Firearms, knives, ammunition, magazines, holsters, scopes, accessories, military surplus and
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    Grandmaster DeadeyeChrista'sdad's Avatar

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    Can't wait!
    Yes. Yes, I'm serious.

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    The last Muncie show had excellent attendance, hopefully this one does as well. Looking forward to it!

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    Plinker Plaidkat1911's Avatar

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    See you all there this weekend

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    Grandmaster DeadeyeChrista'sdad's Avatar

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    Got some CBD oil, and some of Gun'snlRosa's targets. Not very impressed with a lot of the vendors this time. Still, a good day to hang out with Hubbard for a couple of hours.
    Yes. Yes, I'm serious.

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    Expert BGDave's Avatar

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    Pretty fair mix of guns. Lots of people around 1pm. Bought another @#&! Colt rifle. Kind of a rare bird. A R6731, 16 inch HBAR 1 in 9 twist. Apparently built in the late 90s. Haven't had time to really look it over yet. Colt did some weird stuff in that time frame.

    On another note, if you have to take I69 from Indy to Muncie, leave early and be prepared to sit in slow traffic. It's awful.
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    Expert chubbs's Avatar

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    First time I've went in a few years. It will be a few more before i go again.
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    Sharpshooter mike4sigs's Avatar

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    How many Vedors And what was the Ratio of Flee markets stuff to real Gun/Knife related ?

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    Expert BGDave's Avatar

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    Don't know how many vendors, but the room was full. Maybe 10% not quite firearm related. A few one table guys with bargains.

    Guy sold an unmarked 45 auto slide and barrel with sights for $50.

    Another one table guy sold an absolutely as new in box Gen3 Glock 22 for a little less than $400. Not sure if it had nite sites.

    Saw a 357 Maximun Dan Wesson. With scope for 1K. Don't see those everyday.

    Two Dan Wesson pistol packs. One of them a Model 15 vented heavy underlug set for $1500.

    A pretty nice blued Gold Cup Trophy, asking price $1200. Serial started GCTxxxxx. He seemed motivated to sell.

    Other than the drive on I69 a good way to spend a cold Saturday.

    Having said all that. If you have Palmetto on speed dial, prices on AR stuff would not blow yer dress up.
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    Laser eyed dog has mellowed (Daughters "hair missile")and cat is alive and well.

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    First time I had been to the Muncie show in many years , maybe the 1990s? When my eyes became acclimated to the darkness I did see some rare stuff mentioned by BGDave and others like an older Anschutz Exemplar and a couple of nice Smith 41 target pistols. The one vendor that was set up not far from the entrance door seemed to have the most new guns and a pair of Sig P365s caught my attention. But in the end all I left with was a thousand magnum pistol primers.

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