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    Quote Originally Posted by Triton View Post
    Tandemcross has them on sale for $19.99 the next 4 days.
    The manufacture says to make it work the way they say it is supposed to spray the rounds with Rem Oil. You better shoot them right away if they sit over night with oil on them you will have nothing but miss fires. The oil wicks into the powder and ruins it. I followed there instructions to the letter and loaded my mags the night before a match. What a disaster. That thing is on the top shelf in the garage and will most likely never be used again.

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    1st fun day at MCF&G as a member for over 3 hrs going through 400 rounds in this heat!
    Spent 200 rounds trying to dial in a SW 22A-1 with a scope, but it didn't seem to be responding consistently to my inputs.
    POI was all over the place at 25 yds. Probably just me.
    I'll try to do it on the indoor range tomorrow perhaps, where I can get closer sit & use a rest.
    At MCF&G you can't sit at the 25 yd pistol bay.
    I did use my suitcase as a tall rest since I had to stand so that helped since the distance was shorter.

    Spent the rest of the time shooting steel at 50 & 100 yds.
    I'm used to only 25 yds max at the indoor range.
    The SW 41, Beretta 87, Browning Buckmark Hunter & a DW revolver (no optic) went ping, ping, ping at 50 yds.

    At 100 yds I could hit steel with the SW 41, but not with the DW revolver (no optic).
    Didn't try the Beretta 87 & Buckmark Hunter at 100 yds b/c I was getting tired.

    Rifle time at 100 yds: I got out the Ruger 10/22 & RPR to ring steel.
    I couldn't hardly hear the "ping" at 100 yds: I"ll need to see if the electronic ear muffs let me hear better.

    I found I'd rather have had time to dial-in the rifle scopes for 100 yds.
    I had the range all to myself, but I just got too worn out to walk back & forth from the 100 yds in the heat to do that.
    The 25 yds tired me out when I was dialing the SW 22A-1 pistol.

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    Sounds like it was good day Doddg!
    “...I blame Turbo” -Everyone

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    doddg...Time for you to buy a GOOD spotting scope ($$) to get full enjoyment from your guns and optics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmcttr View Post
    doddg...Time for you to buy a GOOD spotting scope ($$) to get full enjoyment from your guns and optics.

    I can see the Nikon Trailblazer 10x50 binos that I bought & was so proud of aren't going to be much good at 100 yds.
    They barely are adequate at 25 yds. for my eyes and a little .22LR hole.

    What size should I get?
    - Barska Colorado 15-40x50mm Spotting Scope; 4/5 stars
    - Simmons Blazer 60x Spotting Scope (Black); 4/5 stars
    - Piney 20-60*60mm Waterproof Straight Spotting Scope with Tripod & Cellphone Mount
    - so many under $100

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    What an article!
    I glanced at it, but I'm going to save it, file it for later: got a 6 am meeting tomorrow!
    Appreciate you taking the time. Again.

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    No problem at all, I hope you find it informative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmcttr View Post
    doddg...Time for you to buy a GOOD spotting scope ($$) to get full enjoyment from your guns and optics.
    Quote Originally Posted by doddg View Post
    ...- so many under $100
    Notice I said $$ and I really should have said $$$$. The under $100 scopes are going to leave you sorry you wasted the money on it. This is like buying a CZ Shadow once, cry once..
    To see .22 holes at 100 yards with our old, not so good eyes, you need to be thinking $500 minimum and $1000 would be preferable.

    You need very good and very large optics. 20x60x80mm (85mm is better). A Vortex Diamondback 20x600x80 is probably the minimum I would consider. I went to a Vortex Razor HD 20x60x85mm a few years ago when the scope I was able to use 20 years ago was no longer adequate for my aging eyes (and it was a very good scope). I got a good discount on a prior years model at the time.

    Spend the money now and you will never have to buy another.

    Call AA Optics and talk to the owner about your needs. He is a great guy and will point you in the right direction and also be able to let you know if he has any refurbished spotting scopes coming in.

    Don't go through the same learning curve as you did with firearms. You haven't regretted buying the expensive pistols and you won't regret buying a truly good spotting scope.

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    Spent 5 hours in my 2nd day with a membership at MCF&G.
    4 hours working with .22LR rifles at 100 yds.: humbling!
    I was making little adjustments all along the way.
    In fact, after getting it dialed in tighter, I went back & put more rounds into some of the previous "+" that I hadn't got anywhere near the "+".

    This was 1st target with the Ruger Precision Rifle.
    I had a 2nd page that was a little better, but it was too crowded.
    25 yds. was easy at the indoor range! 100 yds. is proving evasive for me.

    1st target with Ruger 10-22 at 100 yds.
    Again, certainly not as easy as 25 yds.

    2nd target with the Ruger 10-22

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