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    Terre Haute Guys Fend Off Robbers

    Did you all see this? The kids are lucky they weren’t shot since this handgun was pointed at them numerous times and the bad guys were lucky they weren’t shot for being ****ty at their profession.

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    You are right about the primary suspect being ****ty as his profession. It's almost laughable how we walked up into close quarters with them and demanded money. That was very strange. Clearly, he hasn't had any tactical training.

    The victim that didn't get involved while his relatives were fighting the suspects on the ground is clearly a lover and not a fighter! Rough video to watch...
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    I am not hanging out with red shirt guy.
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    Wow, that one kid didn't help at all, even near the beginning when all three of his boys were on the bad guy.

    He could've absolutely smoked the second bad guy too after bad guy pushed the good guy to the ground. I wonder if he gets invited on the next trip

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    The sad thing is that the article said that they were all relatives! Red shirt guy needs a life lesson. When it hits the fan, it's all hands on deck. I'm sure that the others will "instruct" him if any future confrontations occur.
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    Here's another video that shows good detail. Bad guy didn't look too scared of the gun. Wonder if it was even loaded? College boys were lucky.

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    If it were me the red shirt guy would be taking a bus home
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    What about blue-shirt guy? First, when they had dreadlock thug on the ground, blue-shirt was punching him in the back. There was a perfect opportunity for a curbless curbstomping! Dreadlock thug's head was already on the ground, how much easier can it get?!?

    Then when thug #2 came over and knocked blue-shirt off his buddy, blue-shirt gets up out of the way and just dances around watching as thug #2 tries to get his buddy out of the skirmish. What was he expecting, a dance-off? So much fail.

    In all seriousness, there is a lot to learn from this video. Situational awareness being at the top. And as red-shirt displayed, being a victim comes second nature for some sheep.

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    This gives me hope for our future! Nice to know there are some in our younger generation that still have some stones.

    (except for the red shirt guy, there ain't no hope for him ).
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    WHen shirtless thug was on top, I kept thinking, jump on and choke his ass out.

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