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    Knob Creek Shoot Spring 2019 - Friday and Saturday only, night shoots both night

    FYI for those that haven't heard, the Spring 2019 Knob Creek Shoot is going to be quite a bit different this time around. It is going to be open to the public on Friday and Saturday ONLY - closed Sunday. Sunday morning will be vendor pack up time since doing that in the dark during the night shoot would be impossible. Unlike past shoots, they will be running night shoot relays on BOTH Friday and Saturday evening. The show and shoot is this Friday April 12th and Saturday April 13th.

    So, who is planning on going? What exotic firearms and gun stuff do you want to find at the show?

    As usual, when I'm not out shopping or shooting, I will be hanging out with the Abernathys at the C-11 inside endcap, so stop by and say hello! (next to the Soldier and War Shop, but not associated with them).

    Sadly, the Traildust Surplus crew will not be at C-10.
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    I am not able to go this spring.
    But next time I want to see/ shoot an M2.

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    Iíll be looking for some M1 carbine goodies and ammo.

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    I'll be there looking for M14 / M1A parts. Also will look for any deals that may be around.

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    Mrs. dekeshooter and I will be going for the first time this year.

    This trip was her idea too. I'm telling ya, I have a good one.

    Ill be looking for some M2 ball for my Garand and whatever else catches my eye.

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    Thunder over Louisville and Thunder down the river same week-end. KaBoom!!!

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    I'm heading down Saturday morning with antoinei3 (staying through to the nightshoot of course).

    I'm crossing my fingers that the weather won't hose us. Looks like rain Friday morning and thuderstorms Sunday currently, with Saturday looking decent. Might be muddy though.
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    I will be there looking for Retro Vietnam M16 parts and pieces
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    Mrs. Machine reminded me about this last week. We will be down Friday.

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    I will be there with my son Friday night so we can hit this and thunder

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