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    Underwood Ammo Locally

    Does anyone know if someone local (Indy area) sells Underwood ammo, specifically their Xtreme Defender line? Iíd much rather support a local shop than buy online. I just canít find it anywhere.

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    Many shops will accept orders. When you call to see if they have it, also ask if they can/will order it.
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    Looks like it's made in Illinois, but I don't see any retailer/distributor info on web page.
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    Check with Bradis. They try to keep some in stock but not sure what they have right now
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    Why not order on the website? Just curious.

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    I use Underwood for self defense carry myself, and just order it online.
    The question that comes to mind is, if a local store stocked Underwood Ammo, could they sell it for a good enough price that it wouldn't just sit on the shelf with few sales?
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    Four Guns in Lafayette has had some in a few different calibers every time I've been in there. Personally I haven't seen it anywhere else.

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