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    Sportsmans Warehouse - Fort Wayne. Opening soon!

    Opening July 19, 2019!!!

    illinois Road next to Lowes

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    Grandmaster DeadeyeChrista'sdad's Avatar

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    Should be interesting. A friend of mine from Friendship, Lawrence Evans, works for them back at h.o. doing sales. Seems to think it's a sweet gig. I could never do it. I'd have to live out back of work in a tent!
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    Is this the same store I've visited in Lexington KY?
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    Just as my credit card has finally recovered from my last shopping trip to vendor row at Camp Perry, this store is ready for business......I for one am happy !
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    Close enough to walk to.
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    We had one in Lafayette for a few years.
    They were replaced by Gander Mountain, and now we have nothing in the way of a large box store for sporting goods.

    Dick's doesn't count.
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    Are the prices any better than gander outdoors?

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    I just checked their on line price for American Eagle .223, Gander is cheaper. They are also a little cheaper on a 19X, and $2.00 cheaper on H4895. I'll still go check them out, but I'll check both places before I buy anything.

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    Seems like they have some decent sales looking at their store fliers from other locations. They also offer an extensive line of gunsmithing services. You can order from their website and have it sent to the store.

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    I miss the one in Lafayette. Was only an hour away and had really nice inventory.

    Been to the one in Soldotna, Alaska. It is a lot smaller than the old Lafayette store. May have to make a road trip to Fort Wayne.

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