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    Remington 40-x bore cleaner for bores.

    Weapon Shield CLP for everything else.

    Both are very low oder. That was a requirement in my household.
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    I switched to Bore Tech Eliminator Bore Cleaner. No odor and it works better than Hoppe's.

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    I use some milsurp clp I got a while back. If it was good enough for me when I was in its good enough now. Plus the smell takes me back.
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    Had to smile when I read the OPs post. I have had a habit for several years of waiting for the local RK, Wally world and other stores to have their clearance sales after hunting season. I have bought enough cleaner - lube and supplies for several years at 1/4 price or less. I also have a fairly large supply of WW1 military cleaning liquid. I have a lot of surplus ammo for my Garands and other military firearms so use the Military surplus cleaner in case some are corrosive. As far as "brands", I probably have almost 60% of the various brands on the market!
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    Hoppes has been great.
    Gunscrubber on some stuff once in a great while.
    Lead away patches also once in a blue moon.

    Those patches freakin' work.
    Discovered after burning quite a bit of elbow grease.

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    Hoppes to clean, Rem Oil to lube = done. That's what's worked for me.

    I bought a small bottle of Lucas gun oil about a year ago to try, just because... but misplaced it...might try it sometime..
    BOOM BABY !!!!!

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    hoppes to scrub. Mobil1 grease on the rails usually. generic gun oil for internals.

    Can't use Rem-oil... allergic to something in it, get hives or something if I don't clean it off. couple of automotive cleaners too.

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    Remoil doesn't bother me.

    The old Birchwood Casey "Sheath" would screw me up bad. Blinding headache, immediate.
    They changed the formula and now call it "Barricade".

    Think there was something other than Tric in the old stuff.

    Tool room had some mold release way back, aerosol can. Black and light blue.
    That crap, one spray............and I couldn't breathe.

    Lightning bolt to the head too. And this when 50 ft away.

    Worked around a lot of chemicals..............that spray was the worst on me.

    Now if I get around Tric, I just break out w shingles.

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    Hoppes #9 or non-chlorinated brake cleaner. The brake cleaner strips all the oil and gunk off better, just don't get it on wood grips.

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    Non chlorinated brake cleaner, Edís red, or Super QCG are my most common cleaners currently. I use synthetic motor oil or synthetic grease for lubrication.

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