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    Quote Originally Posted by woowoo2 View Post
    Liberal tears
    Not me. Too many contaminants.
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    Hoppe's for general cleaning on most of mine, ARs get brake cleaner. If I need to remove copper I use Hoppe's Bench Rest. Also a little soapy water after corrosive ammo and a lot of hot soapy water on my front stuffers.
    After that a little CLP, MPro 7, or whatever oil I grab for rust prevention; a tiny bit of very fine grease on wear points and moving parts.
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    first thing i do is open a bottle of hoppe's #9 pour a little on a rag (just enough to smell) then i put the lid back on, and set the rag down, and then i use boreslick foaming bore cleaner to clean barrel, and lucas bore solvent/ultra sonic cleaner solution, or just about any other solvent other than hoppes, cause imho just most other solvents work better!

    the smell of hoppe's #9 is nostalgic and reminds me of sitting next to dad while he/we cleaned the guns.

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