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    Quote Originally Posted by VUPDblue View Post
    that was no time for a taser.
    I agree in principle, but if I have my taser in hand when the perp draws a gun, I'm not going to waste time switching out weapons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EPeter213 View Post
    I agree in principle, but if I have my taser in hand when the perp draws a gun, I'm not going to waste time switching out weapons.

    Not saying that at all. From the time that the first officer was on scene, it was known that the bad guy had a gun. At that point, it's not taser time.
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    They should have ended it by throwing a flashbang on him.
    (I might still be in the 4th of July spirit)
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    There is plenty to be learned from that video. Taser guy had his head in the game from the beginning. From the video, on my phone, it's questionable if the other two officers even fired.

    Roger, the far officer was on the radio, running for cover, and straight into the line of fire from the third officer. I'm just glad the good guys are ok. I want to know the rest of the story. You can watch a video 10 times and think you know what happened, only to be proven wrong. Ready for the rest of the story

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    Quote Originally Posted by nipprdog View Post
    Like all of your shots will be on target when someone is shooting at you.

    That wasn't target practice.
    Do you mean this was not a paint ball game.

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    Yes after viewing the footage several more times.
    The arm of the bad guy was responding to his weapon firing.
    I did see one police shot hitting the wall and one the sidewalk.

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    KJQ has a point. Once we knew the cops were ok, it was a lot easier to armchair quarterback this.
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    So end result was good, bad guy gone and no police or public injured.

    1. Observe that when a person is getting shot at or in the close proximity of a gunfight a person will typically recoil often retreating. It’s kinda of a natural startled response IMO.

    2. The Officer to the left runs behind the building while talking on radio, not a uncommon response to wanna get out of they way and reassess the situation. Sometimes the direction you move puts you in a worse situation like in the line of fire.

    3. A pistol is not a effective weapon unless you hit a “off” switch blood loss takes awhile. Humans can take a surprising amount of punishment and keep on ticking. Pistol calibers in common use do not have the hydrostatic shock effect among other things like splintering of bones and yawing of a 5.56,7.62x39 rifles kill people and end fights a load of 00 buck is also a show stopper.

    4. Notice the flailing legs IME a trait of reflex kicking when a person is bleeding out.

    So no criticism stuff happens and you can never be fully prepared for every situation just observations.

    1. Training while shooting on the move is a critical skill you may be moving unconsciously and have to shoot backward, left, right, and forward FAST!

    2. Many people have never been exposed to gunfire at close range it can be very exciting.

    3. Realistic force on force training is invaluable it lets a person not only understand your personal reactions but observe the reactions of others.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leadeye View Post
    Are shotguns not used much in police work these days?

    We don't even have them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel View Post

    We don't even have them.
    Was not aware of that change. That is a damn shame.
    LEOs should always have that option available.

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