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    Blue Label pricing is great, and it includes 3 mags instead of two (for the ones I've purchased)

    Thanks for letting me know.. See you there!

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    When did they start selling to everyone? For many years it was LE only.

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    Still is, but non LEO, American veterans can buy a Glock "blue label"

    pistol at reduced retail pricing there, until Veterans Day in November.

    Beginning May 28, and ending Nov 11, 2019. ALL Veterans with the listed requirements below will qualify for the Blue Label discount! From Glock:

    In addition to the existing Blue Label Program, GLOCK is proud to partner with you to continue efforts to support those who go into harms way. The discount program will be available through LE Distributors and Sub-D Dealers from Memorial Day to Veterans Day to honorably discharged veterans.

    A copy of the veteran's DD Form 214 or valid VA card and Driver's License can be used as credentials. If the state of residence for the purchaser includes veteran status on the Driver's License, it can also be used as credentials.

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    Wonder why they dont fix the website???

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    Quote Originally Posted by phatgemi View Post
    Wonder why they dont fix the website???
    It's probably a low priority. It's a store for LE uniforms and such, so they likely get all the local business they need without it.

    ...or they cold be in the process of building a new one. The site they had wasn't great. I just noticed it's not there at all now.
    Medium speed. Moderate drag.

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    I dropped by yesterday on my way home to pick up some more nylon belt keepers, "Misty" confirmed the date as the second day of October this year, but no other details, like free lunch and gift bags. I have a G-23 and a G-27 for the inspection and GNS line. The regular new Glock case was full of just about everything new.
    In the used case there were two used .40 cal Glock 35's (one KSP marked ).

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    Quote Originally Posted by STEEL CORE View Post
    Address: 6680 E 21st St, Indianapolis, IN 46219
    Phone: (317) 352-0184
    Yes they sell Glocks to those who qualify at Blue Label pricing, Police/Fire/EMT etc, etc as well as Veterans through Veterans day 2019.
    A Glock armorer as well as sometimes a local Police department armorer are usually there to inspect your Glock(s), install purchased Glock Night Sights, and replace worn parts as they find them.
    Glock swag and an outdoor lunch of burgers and stuff was there last few years too.
    Call them for any and all info.
    Don't forget to visit their "Back Room". Those who have been there know its full of gear and equipment, some at nice prices.
    Do they usually have an armorer there or is it just for that day? I have an early Gen 2 that could use an inspection and some work. Or maybe it just needs to be retired and upgraded.

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    Usually on that day a Glock factory rep/armorer is there, and a local (IMPD I think, armorer or two if they can make it.

    Each year has been different, two years ago it was standing room only, last year at the time I dropped by, it was very slow.
    But make sure to stop by, and bring the 2 gen in, they always do a check on mine whether or not I need it, and swap out any part they see as worn.
    Member NHTP can be contacted, and meet you also or Terry at nthe Indy Indoor Family Range (Gun Bunker) at Washington and Post rd.

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