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    Antique Naval Flare Gun

    I am interested in finding out any information I can on these two flare guns. I know they are Naval issue, but very little else. They came from my father who retired from the Coast Guard in 1971 after a 21 year career. Can anyone help with age, rarity, and value? What exactly do I have here?
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    trying to figure out how to add additional pictures of the second gun

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    The brass frame one is a post-1903 - WWI era Remington made US Navy Mark II

    There is one for sale on Gunbroker right now if you want to get an idea what they are worth.
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    So...a 10Ga pistol...repel all boarders!
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    Yes, the remington is a fairly scarce MK II, I would guess by my observations, I see 1 Mk2, for every 8-10 Mk 3's. But they seem to bring the same price. I would say in between $250-300 is a good price. I paid $175 for my last one about a year ago.
    These are interesting that these were one of the few flare guns that have to be sold as a gun. At one time they were classed as "any other weapon" with the $5 stamp. Sometime in the 80's they declassed them to a regular firearm status. And by the way, the 10 ga very flares are the only safe thing in these. I think the barrel was cast and machined, but the flare cartridge has very very little chamber pressure when fired.
    The international flare gun is a fairly common version, served on both military and civilian crafts. I think they were made starting in mid- WW2 and continued till the late 60's. as far as price, I've given $60 bucks for one, and the most I have paid is $125. I think $150 is a fair assessment now.

    With flare guns, you just gotta find the right collector, and they seem to be priced a bit more in some areas, they seem to be fairly cheap in this area when you find them.
    Just my ill-informed opinion....

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