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    Not a bad little gun show. I was hoping for more handguns, but oh well. 1st time up at the flea market so that was fun. I bought a raptor knockoff charging handle for $15.00. Will probably break after a range trip or two.

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    I was walking out with my new pistol and I heard somebody say excuse me. I turned around and this guy asked me if I was
    selling my Glock. I said no I had just bought it. Then he asked me what I paid, so I told $499 plus tax, he said not a bad price. So I figured I would find out if he really wanted it and told him I would take $550. He went back inside. I did not get the $550 and still have the pistol.

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    A good show...first time there,. Marlin squirrel rifle for $240?....a few of that old Winchester 190 and other ways 165 to 230...Marlin 881 $'re trying to make a buck but.....more classic S&W revolvers than anywhere...pricey but I know nothing on those dollars....all in all still a good day

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