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    Quote Originally Posted by DFacres View Post
    Iím fortunate to have an RK 5 minutes from where I work. I spend a considerable amount of $$ there on feed for my critters and rural lifestyle. I drive right by the Wallymart 1/4 mile from RK.
    RK also has been the beneficiary of me purchasing several firearms and ammunition from them. They often have good sales and if you arenít familiar with their online gun store, you are missing out.
    Also... on things like tools and hardware, compare prices. They're often cheaper than Lowes (the only big box hardware store we have). Yesterday, (as one example) I needed a nozzle for my pressure washer. It was at least 1/2 price of what Lowes was charging.
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    I've only ever gone into Rural King for pet food or sometimes for the candy they have. Obviously I need to look at ammo there! It's thankfully about a 4 minute drive from my house.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DFacres View Post
    And sign up for their frequent specials on firearm sales, ammo, and related items
    delivered right into your email inbox. They donít charge a FFL transfer fee delivered to their store, but I believe shipping from RKguns to the store is about $12.99. You can also chose to purchase & ship to the FFL of your choice.
    True about no FFL transfer fee. I bought two guns from RKguns and there was no shipping fee either. Problem was, I had to wait until they had a truck coming to my store with a delivery. In one instance it took two weeks for my gun to come in. The second time it was only three days. In both cases, I was not in a hurry so that was okay with me.

    I have been threatening to go to work at Rural King a couple of days a week when I retire in February. They are always hiring. My wife says she won't let me because even with an employee discount I will spend more than I earn.

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    Love the RuralKing!

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