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Thread: Bedside Firearm

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    Bedside Firearm

    I'm curious what everyone's favorite bedside firearm and accessories are... I have a Beretta PX4 Storm 9mm with a TLR-4 light with green laser.
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    I keep a Ruger 357 Service Six by the bed.
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    I have 12 gauge at arms length and also whatever I’ve carrying that day. Lately has been a cz 75. No accessories or extras needed

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    HK P30L

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    Suppressed 1/7 8” Aero Precision AR-15 in 300 AAC Blackout with subsonic ammo. MBUS for now, Streamlight TLR-2 HL G destined for the M-Lok rail.
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    Glock 20 in a Micro Carbine setup.
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    Usually one of my EDC guns is available for quick access, which are a G43 or G19. I also have an Olight M20 handheld flashlight. I prefer the handheld light to a weapon mounted light because I don't want to sweep the gun on one of my kids or my wife if investigating a noise.

    If I was more sure it was a home intrusion, I have a Tavor handy, as well. For a rifle, it is ideal for tight quarters, and brings precision to the situation. It has a Trijicon MRO and a TLR-1 HL light on it. Most of the year it is in 9mm configuration, but for a few winter months it goes back to .556. I've shot this gun more than any other and I'm VERY comfortable with it, so it would be what I'd prefer in a fight, really. But, like I said, if in investigation mode, I prefer the EDC and handheld light.

    Because I have young kids, whichever HD weapon it is is secured, but in a manner easy for quick access.
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    Glock 45 with TLR-8 light/laser.

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    A full size 9mm and a old school mag light that can be used as a club if needed.

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    Taurus pt 100 40 cal, and a Taurus 38 spl just incase. small led flashlight with strobe feature.

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