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    Lil Miss Tanker putting rounds on some steel with my her 10/22.

    Lil Tanker wearing his M&P around grandpas place.

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    Daughters target after a little range time with the Mark IV 22/45 lite at 25ft

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    My grandniece shooting an AR15 for the first time.

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    Brayden learning the parts of a gun and reviewing saftey rules. Havent got to the shooting stage yet but he loves helping clean and assemble guns, can recite all the saftey rules and explain what the parts are and how they work.

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    Oldest daughter (6) bagging some greys this summer, and #2 daughter (3) getting a range lesson with me.

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    Medium speed. Moderate drag.

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    Our oldest wanted one of his SR photos with his AR.

    Our daughter at an INGO event some years back...

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    Youngest daughter a few years ago (2011) at Roush:

    M70AB2 was her favorite.

    Our youngest with an AR7 in 2012 - he is now much bigger. We have had to invest in more ambi arms since he is the only lefty in the extended family:

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    Kids, guns, and Science! 4th grade Science Project, he got an A and had lunch with the Vice Principal who talked ballistics with him.
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    Great post idea!

    Little Obie showing off his clay busting skills this year.

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