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    We are doing Black Friday early this year (as always). There will be two, 1 week long sales. Each sale will go on until the next Monday, or until we run out of inventory. There will be no "raincheck's".

    Week 1 we will be doing 15% off the already discounted price on all Vortex refurbished red dot's, and Prism's. This gets prices to

    Crossfire RD=85
    Strikefire red, and red/green=85
    Sparc 2, and SParc AR=93.5
    Spitfire AR=127.5
    Spitfire 3x=191.25
    Razor 6 MOA=191.25

    No code will be necessary, the prices are changed on the website. Our site has live inventory, so you will see when they sell out, and if it lets you order 50, you can get 50.
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    Midnight Rider

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    Done, done, and Im on to the next one...

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    Last year I got a Browning Buckmark 4" bull barrel .22 cal for $275 sale, then $100 visa card back from Browning. Boom, I'll take that all day

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    LaRue is running a pre Black Friday sale.

    Quantity discounts on MBTs

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    One day daily deal today at Kentucky Gun Co. on the Ruger SR9c ($256.79 credit card price with free shipping):

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    The only Black Friday sale I look for is Burger Haus. If you order a gift card, they add 50% to your card: order a $200 gift card, it is worth $300, etc. I get that every year. I like to go there after shooting at Blythe's in Valpo.

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    So I really do need to try the Burger Haus I guess. I heard it was great.
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    Sportsman's Guide has the Ruger EC9s on sale for $179.49 + $9.99 S/H when using the Coupon Code "GUNSNGEAR" at Checkout:

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    Federal black packs with rebates. Cheapest I've found so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1775usmarine View Post

    Federal black packs with rebates. Cheapest I've found so far.
    anyone ever shot the 9 mm or .223?

    Anything is possible

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