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    Another Walmart Shooting (Oklahoma)

    It will be interesting to hear the details of this one. Itís safe to say Liberals wonít let this one go to waste either.

    At least 3 killed in shooting at Oklahoma Walmart

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    75 miles south of OK City? I didnít think there would be anything, let alone a Wally World. Details are slim to none at this point. Good thing the CEO got woke and they stopped selling 5.56. Oh wait!
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    Unpossible, Walmart doesn't allow guns on the property, do they?
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    Word is that it was a shootout in the parking lot.

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    I still care....Really
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    Quote Originally Posted by K_W View Post
    Word is that it was a shootout in the parking lot.
    So a drug deal gone bad either there or earlier.
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    Prices so low theyíll drive you insane!
    I find you offensive for finding me offensive.

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    Why is it that everytime things are going wrong for the left, another shooting kicks off to reset the publicís OODA loop?

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    We need to ban assault Walmarts. They are dangerous and scary.
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    Sounds like murder suicide.

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    If only there was something to protect them from the crazy man with a gun. Or more safe gun free zones.

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