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    Gun Shops With Old Guns in Central Indiana?

    I enjoy shopping for older firearms that have an Old West flavor. What shops in the Indy area routinely carry such items? I know Badger Creek Firearms in Moorseville does and the Outpost in Brazil does. Any others? Four Guns in Lafayette has from time to time but that's a long drive.

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    500 Guns in Indy has one of the most eclectic selections in the area. You'd like that place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ricnzak View Post
    500 Guns in Indy has one of the most eclectic selections in the area. You'd like that place.
    Beat me to it!
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    Yeah, 500 Guns is the only one I know to suggest.

    Are there others? Probably. But I haven't found any.
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    Another +1 for 500 guns. Marksmans in Westfield has some older and interesting from time to time but his used stuff typically goes pretty quick. He does have a small cabinet that's seems to be dedicated to cowboy action style stuff. Definitely worth stopping in if you find yourself north of Indianapolis.

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    Last time I paid attention Elmores had several pre 1900 Winchester rifles from an estate. I would call to see if you're interested in what is there.

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    2 Bear Arms Etna Green. Good peeps. Good shop. Lots of wood.
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    May be out of your area, but McDonald's in Marion has a large selection of older guns.

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    There was a gun auction a week ago last Wed that went under the radar in southern Indiana. I didn't hear of it until it was all over. Everything there went embarrassing cheap.

    They sold a "double barreled 16ga shotgun" for $60. The guy who made the only bid said he wanted it to put on the wall. The "double barrel" turned out to be a Drilling... no one there obviously knew.

    One guy bought an early 1873 Winchester and an early 1892 for $900 apiece. Working order, hand held, shoot'n history for under a grand.

    Thought that might get your blood pressure up a bit...

    I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous...

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