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    Ammo plant in Warrick Co.

    I remembered reading about an ammunition plant that was opening in Warrick Co. several years ago. I Googled it and found articles saying it was Patriot Ammo but Google doesn't produce any results for Patriot Ammo in Indiana. It is a popular name and I found results in other states.
    Does anyone know if the plant opened, is it still operating, where is this ammo sold? Just curious if this venture was successful.

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    It never opened. The people that was going to do it basically said it was going to cost to much. They build machines for the place where I work, I think the guy with the money passed away. Don't quote me on that, but I think that's what happened. The counter balances on some of the things are filled with .22 caliber lead

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    I don't recall one in Warrick Co, but there's a HUGE former plant in Charlestown.

    Really cool place.

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    Thanks for the information. I imagine the costs to run an ammo plant would be very high. Hazardous material controls, insurance and shipping cost of a heavy product would be significant.

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    They remodeled an existing building and had it ready to go with all equipment. This was right around the 2016 election. Unfortunately several large orders that were in the pipeline were cancelled due to the drop in demand after the election (major deals with Cabelas, etc) and they didn't open. They ended up selling the entire business & equipment to another entity and it is pumping out ammo elsewhere.
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    Herman Cain had ryyyeeetttts too. Wear a damn mask.

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