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Thread: Belly Band Holster ideas

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    Belly Band Holster ideas

    Good Morning:
    Do any members of the INGO make a belly band holster? I have one and it is comfortable and does a decent job of concealment with access. Sometimes it begins to roll up. I've seen others who kind of make a hybrid style.
    Just wondering what others thoughts are of it anyone here makes one?

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    Not local, but they make good holsters, and will work with you to add or detract anything to insure a good fit.
    Nice products I use them.

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    Galco has one that is elastic and leather, it works well.

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    I have a couple from Brownsburg Walmart. My wife wanted one and I started using it, so I got another.

    I think it's great. Gun disappears. It's comfortable in the car. I OC'ed today (hoodie) but lately I've been using it most of the time with a flannel or coat. It's comfortable and doesn't bother me at all.

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    I wear it high, concealing under my left arm. 2 mag pouches under the right. I carry my knife in one of them.

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    Phlster Flex

    TRUSS Systems

    I HIGHLY suggest some kind of hard plastic / thermoplastic trigger guard be used in conjunction with a belly band "holster". Something like a Raven Vanguard or any of the dozens of copies.

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    Paddle holster

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