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Thread: Kimber vs sig

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    Kimber vs sig

    Okay I just want to hear what people think. Iím thinking about either a kimber warrior or a sig mk25. Wanted both for a long time. And I know they are two completely different guns. But just want to hear peopleís opinions on the subject.

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    Grandmaster Expat's Avatar

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    Between those two, the P226 in a heartbeat. The mk 25 is my bedside pistol.

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    Expert 68NOVA's Avatar

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    Kimbers are overpriced.

    Excellent choice on the 226.
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    Expert DadSmith's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Expat View Post
    Between those two, the P226 in a heartbeat. The mk 25 is my bedside pistol.
    I'd like to find a used P226 9mm. Hard to come by.
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    Sharpshooter Ryninger's Avatar

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    Have had multiple of both. Will never own another Kimber, but always on the hunt for a new to me Sig...
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    Grandmaster DeadeyeChrista'sdad's Avatar

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    Well, for the most part, Sigs run.
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    sig is the way to go, i only own 1 kimber now its one the real old ones but i may get rid of it too, sigs and cz's are tops for most hand
    guns but as to 1911"s i have personal preferences there

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    Kimber. They seem to get a bad rap here. Maybe they are over priced. My own personal experience with them has been excellent. Great guns that shot great every time. I have never had the bad experiences that a lot here say they have. Mine have all run great, but the last new one I bought was five years ago, so maybe things have changed

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    Slapshot OurDee's Avatar

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    My wife doesn't carry her Kimber since I bought her the Sig.

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    I never said anything one way or another. It was all her choice.

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