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    Looks like state gun ranges closed

    Just hung up with someone at Jasper Pulaski that said they just found out they are closing the ranges down until further notice.

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    No news release about it on the DNR site, Latest release is today 3/17.
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    Atterbury (public) shooting range announced on their facebook page that they were closed until further notice. All FFL activity by appointment.
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    I was planning to go to atterbury tomorrow for reloading supplies

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    Yeah the lady I spoke with said there was nothing on the website to say otherwise but that it was closed. Granted that was just Jasper Pulaski but I assume if one closes then they all are closed.

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    As of 9:32 AM Wednesday 3/18, Jasper-Pulaski is shown under the normal business hours as Closed and reopening 8AM Friday. The only other one I looked at, Crosley F&W, is shown as Open. I thought about calling them but decided not to because they are probably buried in phone calls trying to confirm a rumor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Another Bad Habit View Post
    I was planning to go to atterbury tomorrow for reloading supplies
    Looks like you can still go, you just need to call first. Here is the info from Atterbury:

    Effective immediately and until further notice, all fish and wildlife ranges are closed. If you have firearms on order or coming in we will give you a call and set up a time you can come pick them up. If you are in need of a firearm or reloading supplies please call 317-979-8491 to schedule an appointment to come in. The doors will be locked and only 1 person allowed in the building at a time. Sorry for any inconvenience. We were just as shocked as you are now.

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    Here's an email I received 3-17 from the Winamac DNR manager:

    Good morning again Fellas,

    We just got word that all DNR state shooting ranges except for Tri-County FWA will re-open tomorrow and resume normal hours of operation. We may be using some sort of one-use material for the benches that can be removed and replenished between shooters to increase sanitary measures. Not sure yet what that will be but probably some sort of plastic shrink wrap or wax paper. Just a heads up and update. I will keep you updated with any new information as I receive it.

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    Here's the email news released IDNR put out Wednesday:

    Indiana Department of Natural Resources
    402 W. Washington St.
    Indianapolis, IN 46204

    For immediate release: March 18, 2020

    Most Fish & Wildlife Area shooting ranges will reopen March 19
    All DNR Fish & Wildlife Area (FWA) shooting ranges, excluding the one at Tri-County FWA, will resume normal operating hours beginning tomorrow, March 19.

    All FWA ranges closed today, March 18, as staff take extra precautions to sanitize facilities amid coronavirus concerns.

    Tri-County FWA will remain closed until at least March 24.

    The DNR wants to provide Hoosiers with outdoor activities they can do amid concerns about the coronavirus, and is doing its best to ensure the safest possible environment for visitors to FWAs.

    For more information on DNR shooting ranges, see

    To view all DNR news releases, please see

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    I stopped by Atterbury a few hours ago to get some brass, they are open.

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