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Thread: NICS online is dead in the water...

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    NICS online is dead in the water...

    ...and they hang up on you when you try to phone it in.
    "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance." - Thomas Jefferson

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    It's likely to get worse before it gets better.
    There seems to be a very strong run on anything firearms related.
    Dormant U.S.Marine/ NRA Benefactor-Life

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    Blue-ID Mafia Consigliere KellyinAvon's Avatar

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    Possibly the understatement of the year, this is not good.
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    I still care....Really
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    If what I am seeing/hearing from the trenches in the LGS's we have beat them into submission.

    But in this it is their rules that we live under and so many businesses rely on the system so by God make the damned thing work OK.
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    Is it overwhelming of the system? Staff getting sick? A combination?
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    300% Spike in sales. Overwhelmed for now I'm guessing. Here's a link to an article from A few days ago

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    Midnight Rider

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    Maybe the staff was sent home as non-essential?
    Done, done, and I’m on to the next one...

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    I picked a heck of a week to start working part-time selling guns! Worked 3 nights this week, and it's been crazy. NICS went down tonight in the middle of a check.
    Once an adult - twice a child.

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    Went to transfer a handgun I won off of gb today and got delayed until next Thursday.
    I buy ALOT of guns and have never had this happen before.

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    If the President had any genuine leadership in his soul, he would announce an emergency suspension of the NICS system and an automatic approval of all gun transfers in light of government bureaucracy and incompetence coming between Americans and their god-given and constitutionally protected right to defend themselves and their families in a national crisis.

    Instead, I suspect in the next week or two the White House will push out an executive order closing all FFLs, canceling and closing NICS, and criminalizing private transfers for the duration of the "emergency". Because, you know, the farm animals can't be trusted when they're panicky.

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