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    What firearm project during quarantine?

    The title is a little bit off; but I had to use something.

    During this time of "Stay at Home " what firearm related projects are you working on? I thought this may be interesting.

    Myself, I am in the process of making the flash holes on 5000 new LAKE CITY cases similar diameter. Once this is complete I will be chamfering the powder side of these holes.

    Good luck and be safe!

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    Designed a plan for a backstop today, hoping to get rolling on it this week.
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    Getting a Colt 1877 Thunderer shooting and making some 41 Colt Ammo.
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    Well I have 2 of them. Started before the beer bug but here we are.
    2 of them actually. 1911's in 10mm

    In the raw...

    Rough fit up.

    "One" off Comp. This is from a blank.

    Taking shape.

    Sight cuts, flat top, ball cut are done.

    Sights fit up. Ready to bring home from AllenM's

    Firing pin stop is hand fit. Now we start to shape and blend. And yes I have a serious Dremel....
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    Not really projects but went thru collection and decided to thin the heard, so sold three handguns. Then with money burning a hole in my pocket I ended up buying new hk usp9 and 1k of 45acp and I know the usp takes 9mm, lol. Also been reloading a bunch of 45acp but sadly almost out of projectiles. Also thinking about getting another rugged obsidian 45 can.
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    I have a couple small projects going. I was on the verge of selling a Rem 700 in 308 but could never bring myself to it. Found a deal on the Magpul Hunter stock and placed the order. Also swapped the magwell to run detach mags. The stock and magwell are already in/on. Waiting on some other components. The other project is for an M1A Socom I picked up early last month. Springfield is running a "gear up" promotion where they're giving people a free scope mount and 2 mags with the purchase of a new M1A. I've been approved for the promotion but they said it would take 8-12 weeks before I would see my stuff. Not going to complain was free. No shipping cost either. Also waiting on some other components for this rifle. Going to swap the gas block and plug to run the can on it.

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    Nothing going on here. Still working, probably busier than usual. Being essential can be a burden.

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    Spent a lot of time at the reloading bench making some .44mag, .45acp and 9mm. Also getting ready to start a pistol AR build.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Expat View Post
    Nothing going on here. Still working, probably busier than usual. Being essential can be a burden.
    Same. I'm not home any more than I usually am.
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    I am a senior citizen that is not sick. Therefore, I am not in quarantine...

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