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    Today's firearms that will become expensive collectors in years to come?

    I'm wondering what firearms made now days will become the sought after collectors in years to come? Firearms made from 2010 through 2020.

    What are your opinions.
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    I think certain types of FAL's will go up in value

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    Whatever the main character in the next Walking Dead carries...

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    if we're talking like 20-30 years from now, of guns being made now, then I'd have to say any sort of the weird experimental/non-traditional guns we see now. Mosins will likely stop being a "buy and change" gun, as less and less are being found at good prices, and people will be less likely to defile them with archangle stocks and scope taps. Imported AKs also, since US companies are "almost" able to make good domestic production.

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    After the Joe Biden/Beto-Gun Czar ban, anything that holds more than 10 rounds, has a detachable magazine and is semi-automatic.

    You'll have to sell it on the black market though, of course.

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    Good Com-Bloc AK's will appreciate, the most recent example I can think of pertaining to investment grade guns would be the USMC decommissioned M45 A1's when they hit gun broker.

    Another slightly less recent example would be the un-issued Wilson Combat SF marked "Cave Guns" that were never delivered to Afghanistan.

    (Originally $2k on Gun Broker , sold at auction for 7K+ )
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    We are never more than one election away from having the only ones in a museum...
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    Good post topic OP. I like posts like these that make one think.
    I'm going to agree with the others that say imported AK's.
    I'd also guess that guns that use some caliber that is newer to us now but doesn't become as popular as people thought they would and they become more sought after years from now due to their future rarity (examples: .350 Legend, .224 Valkyrie, etc.)

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    I would say any rifle with a nice wood stock and good action; just seems like they aren't being made all that much anymore. It's hard for me to see any of the rifles with cheap laminate stock being that collectible, and it's hard for me to see any AR variant being collectible. There are just too many of the cheaper ones being made.

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    I try to pick up unique guns that were maybe only made for a short time and/or are in very limited supply.

    Example: I snagged a Hudson H9 on a good deal before they went bankrupt. Also picked up a rare FDE Arsenal Strike One as it was the only one I had ever seen in the wild. I am thinking they might have some value years down the line.

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