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    Ballistic Advantage barrel?

    Anybody have any experience with their handgun barrels? G2G?

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    Didn't know they made handgun barrels. Their rifle barrels are great I have three with no problems one has around a 6k round count.

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    I have/had two of their rifle barrels (hanson series and modern series) and know two other people with their barrels and they have been outstanding for their price. I would assume their pistol barrels maintain the same quality.

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    Same as above, rifle barrels are gtg. Have a 10.5 556 Hanson series on a pistol build that has been satisfactory.
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    AR pistol or traditional style pistol? I have three BA barrels, one is on a .300 BLK pistol and it's just as good as the rifle barrels. Don't know if that helps?

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    I didnít know they made handgun barrels. I donít know anyone personally that has used their rifle barrels. Most on the the net seem to be happy with them...

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    I have a couple, a 16" flutes and a 10.3" hanson. They seem to be really nice. IIRC, all of their barrels have a sub moa guarantee.

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    I have a 9mm AR barrel, and it works great with good accuracy. BA makes good quality stuff.

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    I cant shoot better than the barrel so theres that. 1 moa guarantee is legit.

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