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    9MM prices at stores near you?

    Not having purchased ammo for almost a year, I was wondering what current pricing was at local stores? Around here it seems to be going for around $18.00 for a box of 50 brass FMJ. Kind of glad I elected to stack it deep when it was plentiful and at good prices.


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    Not sure what the prices are as I am having a real hard time finding any.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rkwhyte2 View Post
    Not sure what the prices are as I am having a real hard time finding any.

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    I am here in the westside avon/plainfield stores are about the same per box of 50 rounds as you have as well

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    A LGS up here has S&B for $15.99. at least their ad says they do. I have no idea if they have any in stock or not.

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    Cannot tell what the prices are when there's none to be found anywhere. Glad I started reloading this year and that I stocked up over the past several years.

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    Red Ghost (west of Evansville) has 50 round boxes of 9mm for around $20.
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    Been in 2 LGSs in the last week.
    The one on the east side of Indy had 1 box of a brand I'd never heard of for $18.99
    The one due east of Indy had none when I was there.
    I do worry about our LGSs if this keeps up much longer. Let's show em some love when we can cause we'll miss them when they're gone.

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    Sportsman cove in grabill had it 139.99/500 rounds last week

    I saw 20k (or so) at pine valley munitions.....
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    Highsmith was at around 16-17.00 a box

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