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Thread: When does the magazine shortage start?

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    When does the magazine shortage start?

    I haven't had to buy ammo in a while, and lately I've looked. Seems like most everywhere ammo is bought up, and guns are bought up, but I'm absolutely shocked to see 30rd mags are still available everywhere at good old days pricing. For example, PSA still has D&H's for $10, Botach still has Okay mags for $11 each. I'm just sitting here scratching my head wondering if there's something I'm missing and not seeing. Is this something that's going to change closer to November?

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    PANIC!!!!! That is all.
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    About when some of those new buyers figure out they're going to need more than the mag or two that came with the gun?
    Seriously, I don't know the answer.
    Personally, I made sure my mag supplies were in order back at the end of march, beginning of April. Wasn't a huge chore, and I do remember the craziness of that spell that began in late '12. I ordered in 10 Magpuls for the AR, picked up a half-dozen more 10/22 mags, made sure all the pistols had a half-dozen or more, etc. When I recently bought my first CZ 475, also looked around and bought about 10 mags. Now, there was a bit of sticker shock.
    Also made sure the spare parts kits for the AR and the 10/22s were in order, and ordered in a spare parts kit for the SigPro 2022 I've had for quite a while.
    Pretty well set, near as I can tell, for whatever the weird market conditions may bring.

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    Mags are easier to stock up on. Maybe the majority of people learned from last time? Iím sure it will happen, just wait until the guntubers point it out.

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    I'm in a similar boat, where I'm more than set with magazines. I just don't remember seeing a shortage of guns and ammo, but seeing mags still plentiful.

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    We ladies of Boston have our hats.
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    Wasn't that what the first round of economic stimulus was for?

    On all recent purchases, I've also acquired a second identical firearm for back-up along with a third one for spare parts.

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    Blythe's in Griffith had two 55 gal drums of Pmags a couple of days ago.


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    And here I still can't seem to find steel AR mags anywhere...

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    Quote Originally Posted by defaultdotxbe View Post
    And here I still can't seem to find steel AR mags anywhere...

    Steel or aluminum?
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