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Thread: Anyone been to Farm?

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    Anyone been to Farm?

    Apparently there is a new Sporting Club at the Farm that opened on June 20th near the Floyd/Harrison county line along the Ohio River.

    Has as anyone been there to check them out yet? goes to their website, WDRB did a feature piece on them you can google too.
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    Seen advertisements for it a few months ago. Hadn't heard that it opened though.

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    I checked it out with my son who was specifically interested in archery.

    There were several groups of people shooting on Sunday afternoon. They gave me a tour by golf cart and it was really nice. In addition to the shooting sports, which I have never tried, but may need to soon, they had a couple lakes and a 3d archery course.

    The archery guy was very helpful, letting my son use a loaner bow and helping him through a little target shooting.

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