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Thread: Hero’s Pricing?

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    Clear as Winter Ice

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    "I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery."
    - Thomas Jefferson, letter to James Madison, January 30, 1787

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    NRA - Life

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    I love a good Hero sandwich at a great price... especially if it's got that cherry pepper relish.

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    I'm no hero but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express, so......

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmcttr View Post
    One would assume the reference was to military and first responder pricing.
    Figured the same, didn't know which OEM, but assumed the same, and knew I wasn't a hero to anyone except maybe my dog, at certain times of certain days, so I moved along.
    Quote Originally Posted by Frank_N_Stein
    I am trying to turn every thread I involve myself in into a **** show.

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    i assumed you meant Glock blue label.
    hope you come back wcd, you're an asset to this forum.
    Gyros on me for everyone! Let's eat! Opa!
    sauce will thicken upon standing

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    Quote Originally Posted by churchmouse View Post
    Why are you worried about this...???
    Not worried at all, but was hoping for a reply that was a little less vague. My sense of humor doesn't always lend itself well to forums.
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    Medium speed. Moderate drag.

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    I never considered myself a hero until I discovered that I was an essential worker. So....

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