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Thread: Old ammo and firearms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thompal View Post
    I've only recently shot up the last of the WWII issue .45 ammo that I had. I didn't have any reliability issues with it, but it left a lot of residue. And it kicked like modern +P ammo (or slightly more).
    How was it stored?

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    My Aunt found a web mag case with 2-7rd Colt 1911 mags in my Uncles sock drawer, after he passed away. The pouch is stamped 1918, no marks on mags, and rounds were not discolored. He served in US Navy, and in Korea in the US Army. She never found the 1911 gun, methinks he gave it away.
    Loaded those 2 mags, shot perfect in my Rock Island 1911A1. I reloaded with fresh 230gr FMJ, and is in my sock drawer, as a backup. Seemed only fitting with respect to Uncle Vern.
    Surmise from 1950's till 2018, ammo dry no issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by firecadet613 View Post
    How was it stored?
    On a closet shelf or dresser drawer.

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    I've shot plenty of WW II .45 ACP and also German 9mm from same time frame without problems. Some military ball .45 from 1936 did give me some misfires, however.
    Can't say I've ever shot any turn of the century ammo.....
    "If you're gonna shoot..shoot! Don't talk..." Tuco

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