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    How do you pick-up spent shell casings?

    This may be a dumb question but, do spent casings stick to a magnet?

    I know the shotgun range at Atterbury has some kind of magnet on a stick to pick up shotgun shells, so you don't have to contsantly bend over. The shotgun shells might have steel in them though??

    I'm talking more like .22lr and handgun brass will these stick to a magnet??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wheezy50 View Post

    I'm talking more like .22lr and handgun brass will these stick to a magnet??


    I have not personally used one, but there are products like this: Brass Wizardô that claim to be able to pick up brass. I typically just pick it up by hand though.

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    Any brass or non-ferric metal will not get picked up by a magnet. Steel cased ammo and part of the shotgun hulls are ferric and will cling to a magnet.

    There is a thing called the Nut wizard. Nut Wizard: Pick Up Tool That Gathers Nuts, Fruits, Acorns, Sweet Gum Balls

    It is weird but it works on 380 and up cases. Not much faster than a broom and dust pan.

    For the 22 we just use a dust pan and broom.

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    There are several types of brass catchers.

    Some attach to the firearm itself. Others are set next to where you are firing from. They can be made out of a delicate garment bag (bras). I made a small one from a kids fishing net. Makes it easier than picking it out of the grass.

    Some people lay down a tarp and use pvc pipes to make a frame.
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    yes you need a "brass magnet" most large stores carry these- BTW did you finish grade school? Only ferrous metals(iron and steel) stick to magnets

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    come on guys, i was gonna send him to sears hardware for a brass magnet. i once sent my apprentice to sears with a one pound propane cylinder to get it filled. i pick up my brass with my fingers. works every time!
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    I hear that snipe can be easily trained to gather brass...
    Not sure if that firearm or accessory has been subject to a safety recall? Read INGO's Comprehensive Firearm Safety Recall Listing for an easy way to check.

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    I purchased one of these brass catchers and it works for all my firearms. A bit pricey, but it works.
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    Spread a tarp down on the ground before you shoot *** rack-em off then pick up one side of the tarp and slide-em all to the middle then***, like they ALL said*** use your fingers. Makes life a lil easier

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    What Mrmarky said, I take it he has been to the Pro-teq gun range!

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