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    Indiana Gun Shop Info - (Combined)

    Spreadsheet of Gun Shops
    This was put together by lovemywoods
    You can find the spreadsheed on Google Docs

    If you want to be able to sort and reformat, you’ll need to export this file to an .xls file. The command is under ‘File / Export.’

    I split the state into nine 'zones', like a tic-tac-toe board. Zone 1 is the north west portion of the state. The original file has the map on a separate tab. The Google version doesn't have the map. I'll see if esrice wants to upload that too. The zone designations are used in the first column of the spreadsheet.

    The listing can be sorted any way you want, by zone, by city, by zip code, by store name, etc. Use the sort function under 'Data' on the top bar of the Excel program.

    The columns also have an 'auto filter' feature. Click on the little triangle at the top of a column and then select the item you want to filter on. The program will list only those lines that match that choice. To return to the full listing, select 'All'.

    I did my best to distill the various good and bad posts about a particular dealer. With just two or three lines, I hope to convey the experiences our members have had.

    I would like to receive corrections and additions. I will add them to the listing and re-publish. Send me a PM with your corrections and additions.
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    Tom Tom GPS POI File
    This was put together by Scutter01. Current version is 112, and is hosted right here at INGO.

    I will update this thread any time I update the POI file. Currently, the database contains over 100 Indiana gun shops and ranges. I included sporting goods stores that carry AK/AR types like Dunham's and Gander Mountain, but excluded a few that are strictly hunting stores, like Dick's. I've also included phone numbers wherever possible.

    In some cases, the coordinates I was able to track down were for the mailing address and not the actual physical location. Atterbury FWA is one example where the address is in town, but the range is a mile away. I've manually corrected them where possible, but if you come across one that's off, please let me know and I'll update it.

    If your favorite gun shop or range wasn't included, please provide a street address and phone number and I'll add it. Actual addresses only, please. "The corner of 5th and Main, across from the post office in Podunk, IN" will not be added.

    I can also provide the file in a small variety of other GPS formats, but as I only have a TomTom, I have no way to test to make sure it will work. If you want it, let me know, but you'll be on your own with it.

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    Google Map with Indiana Gun Shops
    This was completed by Gunselman
    Indiana Gun Stores - Google Maps

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    I didn't include the thread of the list of Indiana gun shops because it was pretty outdated. Also, I know some of the shops on the spreadsheet are no longer around, and there are some new ones that aren't on there. If anyone wants to help me go through both the list (thread) and the spreadsheet please send me a PM and we can figure out what needs to change.

    NOTE: I do not take credit for creating any of these resources. I am just trying to put them all together in one thread for ease of use by INGO.

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    Saved for future use.

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    Are you able to add and delete? I see my shop on one and not another. Tactical Shotgunner is not listed on either. Just to name a few. What kind of help do you need? I would be happy to assist if I can.

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    Thank you for a very handy thread. I will book mark it for future ref.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aclark View Post
    If you want to be able to sort and reformat, you’ll need to export this file to an .xls file.

    FYI, you can also sort directly on the Google Docs version without downloading.

    Choose the "List view" from the View menu (within the webpage, not the browser's one)

    Then you can select a city or zone or whatever from the drop down box.
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    mk2ja, for an Unreasonable Argumentative A**, you're makin' some d**n good points!
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    Spreadsheet Updated.

    Change log:
    Removed Burnham's (W. Lafayette)
    Removed Sportsman's Warehouse (Lafayette)

    Added Ace and Rico (Lafayette)

    Added Applied Ballistics Systems Inc. (Lafayette)
    Added Tippecanoe Sport Shop (Lafayette)
    Added Indy Trading Post (Indianapolis)

    B&D Guns - Doesn't seem to be an actual storefront.
    Thank you to those that have contributed so far. If anyone would like to look at the shops around their area to check for errors or omissions it would be appreciated. Just shoot me with a PM with the changes that need to be made.

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    Quick update

    Address changed for Guns and More in Terre Haute

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