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    Aug 2008
    Southern IN.
    I can add Strictly Shooting in Evansville to the list.
    225 N. Stockwell Rd.
    ***Phone Number Hidden*** (See Rules for more info)
    Full service shop.
    Indoor, 8 lanes I think, 25yd max.
    Lanes can be bought and reserved.
    Targets, Ammo, and Rentals available if needed.

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    Lawenceburg, In (southeast corner)
    There is a nice range at Brookville lake in the Quakertown DNR area. The Dearborn County Sherrif's department does their M16 training there. I checked it out and it's a nice range. Has regular hours and a rangemaster in camo with his pants bloused.

    I'm confused. I go to Wal-mart in Lawrencebrug (yes it is extreme southease) and I see plenty of camo clothing, guns, ammo and Butt-outs for deer, but we seem to lack shooting ranges. Do most of the local enthusiasts live on farms? Anyone know of any? We do have a couple of nice indoor ranges in KY but that's about it. Oh yes, they seem to do a lot of shooting in Cincinnati but that is usually between midnight and 6 AM. I'm in bed then.
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    SE Indiana

    Clark State Forest

    The Indiana government website says there's a shooting range in the Clark State Forest in Henryville. I had heard somewhere that it is/has been closed due to some kind of renovation in the park. Does anyone know if this range is still available?

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    Danville Conservation Club, 855 Sycamore Lane, Danville, IN
    Pistol, Rifle, Muzzleloader, Archery
    AMERICA - Clinging to our GUNS and RELIGION since 1776.

    NRA Certified Instructor - Rifle, Pistol

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    The Izaak Walton League in Kokomo.

    10, 25, 50 and 100 yd range (200yd coming one of these days)

    Trap, Skeet and the largest Sporting Clays course in the state.

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    Richmond, IN
    Two near Richmond, both private but reasonable.

    Welcome to Richmond Conservation Gun Club

    Old Trail's:

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    The Elwood Conservation Club is located near Elwood Indiana. It is located on the Tipton/Madison County line (in Madison County) 2.5 miles south of State Rd. 28. Physical location 9420 N. 1000 W.

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    Closest to me in Greenwood is Atterbury, but apparently my tax dollars don't stretch that far so its not free.
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    five points conservation club has trap shoots on thursdays after 3:00. its south of thompson rd. on five points rd.

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    Has anyone ever been to Flatcreek in Lafayette? I plan on going there and it will be my first time going to a range. If someone doesnt mind could you shoot me a pm with some info on ranges. How much am I looking at spending, general unspoken rules, is it ok to conceal carry into the store/range, how much are targets, etc? I would appreciate it!


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