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    Poker Raid Turns to Gunfight

    Three things went wrong here .
    One . That AAron Awtry is charged with a crime .
    Two . That the round he fired only hit the thugs arm .
    Three . That more citizens in the room were not armed and opened fire .

    Poker Raid Turns to Gunfight | The Agitator

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    This is BS. What the Police did is akin to Breaking and entering, and thus the Home owner ought be charged with a crime.

    You come stomping in, breaking down my doors, be happy if all that happens is a shot in the arm; Shoot first, ask questions later when protection of my family.

    My curiosity is brewing over why in the effing world a Swat team is being called on a poker game; Which is hardly worth the risk of life, busting down doors, scaring the owner.

    NO CHARGES FOR ARRON! Down with the red coats.

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    This is why I've become a liberatarian. I oppose gay marriage but if I can tell a gay person what he can or can't do in his bedroom, he can tell me I can't gamble in my living room.

    The fact that no supervisors, politicians or cops involved in this raid didn't say "wait a minute, this is totally unnecessary" shows where our country is at.

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    Attempted murder for shooting an intruder knocking your door? THe cop is lucky that he didn't kill him, serving BS warrants weren't there real criminals out there.
    I used to bartend at a highstakes poker games and at least 1 or 2 of the people had guns on the table b/c they were afraid of being robbed. Whats next hitting bingo halls, maybe the pull tabs at the county fair?
    Now I see the payoffs every where I look who do you trust when everyone is a crook?

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    poker is a gateway sin.

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    I know a 72 year old man hosting poker is a hge treat to the safety of that neighbor hood. I hear he was coaxing in the kids and swindling their lunch $...Cop is lucky to be alive. I agree with the above statement "Come to come in my house w/o an announcement you will be on the wrong side of a barrel.

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    It wasn't that long ago that nearly the same thing happened here in Indianapolis.

    A few folks were in a guy's garage playing cards and hanging out.

    Mope busts in side garage door, holds up a gun, and attempts to rob folks in garage.

    Off-duty MCSD officer (in civvies), playing cards, draws his duty weapon. Hilarity ensures.

    Dead mope results.


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    I've been berated for stating on here that I will open fire on ANYONE who kicks in my door, so I won't go there, but, as stated above, it's a sad commentary on the state of our society when 1) this happens at all. 2) Nobody in a position of authority stands up and calls bull****! It's only going to get worse.
    Though it's just a memory
    Some memories last forever- RUSH- Lakeside Park

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    I think its important to look at incentives to understand the behavior of the law enforcers in situations like this. Catching thieves, car theft, or solving a murder is hard work. Work that doesn't result in funding. In an hour at one of these invasions, you can round up some drugs, gambling, and guns all in one fell swoop. If the agency uses as stat based aresst system like New York, they just padded those stats. Now they can turn these stats over to the state and feds and justify future funding.

    This occurred at the same time as the "illegal barber" swat style raids in Florida. Easy, low hanging fruit.

    These swat heroes are going to get themselves killed if they continually insist on using these resources in manners that clearly aren't appropriate. What is the justification for the breaking and entering? Were they going to flush the poker chips down the toilet?

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    What's the SWAT team doing firing through the door without identifying their targets? Incoming gunfire tells them that their "surprise" raid had already been compromised, so why not retreat and surround the building without risking killing an innocent child that could have been in the room? Time is on the cops side, why escalate the situation when so many other options are available?
    I'm not down on cops and I appreciate what they go through, but something seems amiss here.

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